Hidde van der Pol
Hidde is a true motivator. He believes in creating your own future; both as an individual and as an organisation. He is a powerfull, energetic, sensitive person with timing, humor and surprising insights that aspark higher performance and desired results. He knows how to get people in conscious motion and to inpsire them to create their own desired future. Because of his extended commercial experience Hidde is capable of aligning corporate culture and commercial results.
• 15 yrs of commercial experience
Nutricia, Bols Royal Distilleries, Remy Cointreau, Lucas Bols
• MMS certified coach
(Motivation Management Service)
Transformational Coaching
• Boardmember Foundation for Natural leadership
Facilitating leadership trails in the Swiss Alpes and other European and non-European locations
• Certified consultant in CTT
(Cultural Transformation Tool van Richard Barrett)
Individual and cultural value assessments
Leadership assessments
• Extra communicative skills
(by Margriet van Bentem)
Cognitive and energetic observation
Perception techniques